Quality Assurance Case Study

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Case Study Analysis:
Hank Kolb, Director, Quality Assurance


This case involves a man named Hank Kolb who has recently taken on a role as the Director of Quality Assurance as a manufacturing plant. He has been brought in to ensure quality in a place that is known for have a lax attitude about quality and safety. The product described in the case is Greasex, which consists of solvents packed in cans for decreasing. The company has experience some trouble with the filling equipment

The problems in the case are related to several areas. They include personal such as the machine operator having no formal job training. Also included in plant maintenance in that the equipment was not designed specifically for Greasex in addition they are only running at 70% capacity. There are also purchasing problems. The plastic nozzle heads used in production have slight blurs on the rims, which causes fitting problems.


Hank has come in to put some structure around the quality process, which will be a challenge due to the fact that there is a very low accountability on quality. There is really no concern for quality as long as the job got done. Schedule is the main priority and quality is just a secondary thought. There main concern is getting their product out the door, even if there are flaws and potential defects. The company doesn’t appear to have any concern with how to fix their problems and improve their process and product. They are only concerned with the short-term fix needed to get the immediate work done.

Hank Kolb should begin by getting buy in from plant senior leadership team on the need to focus on quality and laying out the benefits of pursuing a robust program. Given the support of the General Manager, Hank needs to ensure that he has support from the plant manager as well. * Quality Program, Initiatives, and Procedures to be defined / refined * Set Quality goals for the department and communicate to the...
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