Qualities for Good Administration

Topics: Education, Customer, State University of New York at Plattsburgh Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: October 9, 2010
Qualities for Good Administration

A Research Paper Presented By

|Prin. Dr. Balaji R Lahorkar |Prin. Dr. M. Farooque A. Qadir Ansari | |Late Dr Shankarrao Satav College of Education, |Dr MHA College of Education, | |Kalamnuri Dist Hingoli |Malegaon, Nashik |

The School Administrator plays an important role in the student teaching process. In addition to arranging teacher candidates’ placements and approving of the Professional Development of Educators, School Administrators have a vested interest in Plattsburgh State University’s Teacher candidates, because they are responsible for the education and welfare of all children in the building. Recognizing that School Administrators often have very busy schedules, in support of the student teaching program. That’s why what are the good qualities needed for A Good Administration. Objectives:

1. to findout the way to act as an good administrator
2. to findout the way to deal with people

The study is based on 50 administrators in Education & Management area. The findings are

1. Acting correctly in accordance with the law, statutory powers and obligations, organisational policy and guidance (published or internal) and any other rules and regulations, Acting within the boundaries of established good practice, Providing effective services, through appropriately trained, competent staff, Taking decisions that are reasonable based on all relevant considerations.

2. Providing services that meet customer needs and any published service standards, Dealing with people helpfully, promptly and sensitively, having regard to their individual circumstances, responding to customer needs flexibly including, where appropriate, in a...
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