Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Topics: Special education, Qualitative research, Education Pages: 4 (1092 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Quantitative and Qualitative Research:
Problem, Basis, Procedure
Terri Morris

Quantitative and Qualitative Research:
Problem, Basis, Procedure
Quantitative Research Study
Research Problem
The researchable problem is that novice special education teachers are overwhelmed by the lack of mental, physical, and technical support from their general education colleagues. In addition, these teachers are feeling isolated due to the lack of time to plan, learn, and communicate effectively with their counterparts in an effort to meet the needs of their students while being successful educators. Basis for the Problem

Griffin, Kilgore, Winn and Otis-Wilborn (2008) found that (a) role ambiguity, (b) students posing complex behavioral and academic challenges, large caseloads, (c) insufficient curricular and technical resources, (d) inadequate administrative support, (e) inadequate time for planning, (f) few opportunities for collaboration and professional development, and (g) excessive procedural demands” are the reasons as to why teachers are stressed within their first year (p. 142). As a result, first-year teachers are experiencing disconnects with colleagues that do not offer assistance or enough information on how to balance teaching special education and general education students in an inclusive environment. Lacking the support and opportunity to converse with veteran teachers leaves a gap in providing extensive education for each student. “Too often, however, novice special educators report that they are isolated from their colleagues and have little time to talk about their practices or to collaborate in preparing curriculum or instructional strategies” (Griffin, Kilgore, & Otis-Wilborn, 2008, p. 143). Unfortunately most educators are not aware of the changes in special education that are requiring more co-teaching environments. According to Griffin, Kilgore, Winn, and Otis-Wilborn (2008) “juggling these varied, and often, competing responsibilities is...
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