Video Response to Behaviour Management

Topics: Behavior, Psychology, Education Pages: 4 (1498 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Teachers have an important role in the development of both the behaviour and educational learning of students. The purpose of this assessment task is to analyse the classroom management of a young, female mathematics teacher and her ability to control the behaviour of her students and situations that arise in her classroom. This analysis will be backed up by Psychoeducational theory which includes “approaches to classroom and behaviour management, [to] seek to prevent or address negative beliefs, thoughts or feelings that students may develop as they attempt to refine their self-perceptions” (Arthur-Kelly, et al, 2006).

The beginning of the film clip sees the teacher enter the classroom without greeting her students and she begins the lesson by telling them that she is “having a bad day”. Effective communication is a major contributor to a quality learning environment. Having said this, “children may feel an emotion similar to yours when spoken to without empathy,” (Lyons, et al. 2011). Sharing and expressing some (appropriate) situations help “build a positive learning environment where strong, positive relationships between members of the class (and others) are fostered and developed,” (Lyons, et al. 2011). The teacher’s statement not only gives students an expectation that they are required to behave and participate, but also tells them that she will not perform as well as usual and will have a lower tolerance for bad behaviour. This is a positive starting point for effective communication and as well as informing students of what they should expect during the lesson, they can (begin to) build relationships, a class dynamic and community through empathy and understanding. If the teacher built upon her communication strategy, her students will feel “supported, valued and a part of a community in the classroom,” (Lyons, et al. 2011). Other indications that the teacher has set some clear expectations are the seating arrangement, rows of desks facing the...
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