Special Education Philosophy

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The special education teacher is under a great deal of pressure with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law which was recently passed by the government in 2002. Students with disabilities are now treated as if they are to know as much as students that do not have a disability of any kind. Schools that fail to meet the governments mandate of the NCLB are in danger of losing some of their government funding, are put on a “needs to improve” list, and are punished rather than helped out by the government.

The meaning of a special educator to me is a person who works with children and youths who have a variety of disabilities. A small number of special education teachers work with students with severe cognitive, emotional, or physical disabilities, teaching them life skills and basic literacy. However, the majority of special education teachers teach children with mild to moderate disabilities. They do this by modifying the general education curriculum to meet the students individual needs. This can be done through an IEP or some other form of assessment. Most special education teachers teach students from the ages of five to eighteen but some teach infants and toddlers.

There are many types of disabilities that may qualify students for special education programs, a few of these are specific learning disabilities, speech or language impairments, mental retardation, emotional disturbance, etc. Early identification of a child with special needs is an important part of a special education teachers job, because early intervention is essential in educating children with disabilities.

Special education teachers use various techniques to promote learning. Depending on the student, teaching methods can include intensive individualized instruction, problem solving assignments, and small group work. When students need special accommodations to learn the general curriculum or to take a test, special education teachers ensure that appropriate accommodations are...
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