Qfd House for Iptv

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Quality Function Deployment: IPTV Service

1. About IPTV

IPTV is a service of X company for ADSL customers, is a special IPTV platform. There are movies, national and international TV channels, rent-watch, watch again, pause-watch, select-watch choices, interactive services and video recording services in x platform. It’s price starting from 4 TL to 29 TL monthly basis.

Using the QFD house of quality model, I tried to understand the fundamental customer quality and requirements within the IPTV services.

2. Customer Input / Requirement

The wall of the house on the left is customer input.This step in the process where customer requirements relating to product are determined. As listed in the model, the customer requirements are: TV Channels, Football, Movies, Video Recording, Watching TV Series after live broadcast, Better Customer Services, Perfect Video Quality, Mobility Interactive services / e-shopping and Low Price

The most important quality is Perfect Video Quality. Customer want to watch perfect video quality, that’s why company pay too attention to this requirement when giving IPTV services.

The Customer requirements are the most important part of this model. Without it, there would be no available criteria to analyze or to improve upon. 3. Company’s Current Specification (Functional Requirements) Functional Requirements is my second step of QFD House. This part of the house of quality diagram looks at what the customer wants from the company. One of the questions the QFD Process will answer is ‘Are the current requirements sufficient to meet or exceed customer requirements ‘ I determined company’s services have higher value such as National TV Channels, International TV Channels, On Demand Video and 7/24 Customer Service. Electronic Program Guide, Catch Up TV and Thematic TV Channels have secondary importance in QFD House. The second part of the Functional Requirements is to determine the...
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