Qcf 3 Raising Awareness About Health Issues

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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|Candidate | | |Assessor | | |Date | | | |18.02.2013 | |1.1 Analyse reasons why it may be necessary to raise awareness of health issues? | |In this section of the question I am going to explain why it may be necessary to raise awareness of health issues; | | | |As a senior care worker we should know that awareness in health issues is very important in each person because we believe | |that health is wealth being aware in our care setting and as well as in our community or more especially to our own health | |would mean a healthy environment. We should always remember that in health issues there are lot of factors that must be | |considered it does not mean if we eat a lot of nutrients food we can consider ourselves healthy. Having nutrients food is | |just a piece of reason to be considered, so in my own opinion and understanding we can be considered healthy when we are free | |of any anxiety, harm, concerns and any pressure from the outside world. To achieve this and to be free of any diseases, | |promote a good healthy relationship with any human beings, respect any living things, respects the values of everyone and have| |a good relationship with our creators and all the factors will be covered if we consider the above mentioned things and | |follow it accordingly. | | | |Furthermore, the awareness of people about health is important to promoting a healthier care setting. If people do not | |understand the causes of ill-health and how they can improve their health they cannot make decisions about investing resources| |and time to improve their health care setting. Such awareness should be developed in all areas that influence health because | |the different influences are often connected. Unless people accept that they need an improved environment, better personal | |hygiene and better access to adequate health care, investments aimed at improving health may have only limited impact. It is | |also essential that care worker members are aware that improvements in their health care environment or hygiene need to be | |sustained to achieve long-term improvements in their health. Both community leaders and governments play important roles in | |developing this awareness so as a health care worker we should assist them so it can be implemented more easily and as result | |of that people will be fully aware about their health issues. | |1.2 Compare the roles of agencies and others who may be involved in raising awareness of health issues? | |Our agencies and employer roles and responsibility to ensure that the care setting is safe for patients, service users, | |visitors and members of staff. They do this by ensuring that an up-to-date infection control policy is written up and includes| |the roles and responsibilities of all staff in relation to the prevention of infection and what to do if there was an outbreak| |of an infectious disease. They also need to produce reports regularly that describes that the systems in place for prevention...
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