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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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ISE 369 Quality Engineering – KK3a

2012/13 Semester 1

New QC Seven Tools (Self-study)
1. Affinity Diagram (KJ Method) - Affinity diagram organizes a large number of ideas into their natural relationships. This method

taps a team’s creativity and intuition. It was created in the 1960s by Japanese anthropologist Jiro Kawakita.

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ISE 369 Quality Engineering – KK3a

2012/13 Semester 1


Relation diagram - Relation diagram shows cause-and-effect relationships. Just as importantly, the process of creating a relations diagram helps a group analyze the natural links between different aspects of a complex situation.


Tree Diagram - The tree diagram starts with one item that branches into two or more, each of which branch into two or more, and so on. It looks like a tree, with trunk and multiple branches. - It is used to break down broad categories into finer and finer levels of detail. Developing the tree diagram helps you move your thinking step by step from generalities to specifics.

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ISE 369 Quality Engineering – KK3a

2012/13 Semester 1


Matrix Diagram - The matrix diagram shows the relationship between two, three or four groups of information. It also can give information about the relationship, such as its strength, the roles played by various individuals or measurements. - Six differently shaped matrices are possible: L, T, Y, X, C and roof-shaped, depending on how many groups must be compared.


Matrix Data Analysis - Matrix data analysis is a complex mathematical technique for analyzing matrices, often replaced in this list by the similar prioritization matrix. One of the most rigorous, careful and time-consuming of decision-making tools, a prioritization matrix is an L-shaped matrix that uses pairwise comparisons of a list of options to a set of criteria in order to choose the best option(s).

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