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Class Diagrams
Object Diagrams
Interaction Diagrams
i. Sequence Diagrams
ii. Collaboration Diagrams

5. Behavioral Modeling
i. Use case Diagrams

6. Activity Diagrams
7. Advanced Behavioral Modeling
i. State Chart Diagrams

8. Architectural Modeling
i.Component Diagrams
ii.Deployment Diagrams

In late 1960‘s people were concentrating on Procedure Oriented Languages such as COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL…etc. Later on they preferred Object Oriented Languages. In the middle of 1970-80 three Scientists named as BOOCH, RUMBAUGH and JACOBSON found a new language named as Unified Modeling Language. It encompasses the Designing of the System/Program. It is a Defacto language.

What is UML?

Is a language. It is not simply a notation for drawing diagrams, but a complete language for capturing knowledge (semantics) about a subject and expressing knowledge (syntax) regarding the subject for the purpose of communication.

Applies to modeling and systems. Modeling involves a focus on understanding a subject (system) and capturing and being able to communicate in this knowledge.

It is the result of unifying the information systems and technology industry‘s best engineering practices (principals, techniques, methods and tools).

used for both database and software modeling

Overview of the UML
• The UML is a language for
– visualizing
– specifying
– constructing
– documenting

The artifacts of a software-intensive system

Visual modeling (visualizing)

A picture is worth a thousand words!
- Uses standard graphical notations
- Semi-formal
- Captures Business Process from enterprise information systems to distributed Web-based applications and even to hard real time embedded systems


building models that are: Precise, Unambiguous, Complete
UML symbols are based on well-defined syntax and semantics.
UML addresses the specification of all important analysis, design, and implementation decisions.


Models are related to OO programming languages.
Round-trip engineering requires tool and human intervention to avoid information loss
– Forward engineering — direct mapping of a UML model into code. – Reverse engineering — reconstruction of a UML model from an implementation.


Architecture, Requirements, Tests, Activities (Project planning, Release management)

Conceptual Model of the UML
» To understand the UML, you need to form a conceptual model language, and this requires learning three major elements.
1. Basic building blocks
2. Rules
3. Common Mechanisms

of the

Basic Building Blocks of the UML
The vocabulary of the UML encompasses three kinds of building blocks: » Things
» Relationships
» Diagrams

Things in the UML

There are four kinds of things in the UML:
1. Structural — nouns of UML models.
2. Behavioral — dynamic (verbal) parts of UML models.
3. Grouping — organizational parts of UML models.
4. Annotational — explanatory parts of UML models.

1.Structural Things
• These are the Nouns and Static parts of the model.
• These are representing conceptual or physical elements.
There are seven kinds of structural things:
1. Class
2. Interface
3. Collaboration
4. Use Case
5. Active Class
6. Component
7. Node

Is a description of set of objects that share the same attributes, operations methods, relationships and semantics.


Open ( )
Close ( )
Move ( )
A Simple Class



A collection of operations that specify a service (for a resource or an action) of a class or component. It describes the externally visible behavior of that element...
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