Pverty Condition of Pakistan Throughout 1947 to 2013

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Analyze buyer behavior:
Who initiates the buying process?
Customer and the consumer initiate the buying process in the market. Customers are those who only by the product and consumers are those who buy and use the product. What events or factors stimulate the need to purchase?

The events or factors that stimulate the need to purchase are: Quality
Style and design
Quality is because many of the customers want the product for long time use (durable). Our target the high level of income customers and as well as mediocre not the low level income customers. And quality is everything for upper class and they pay anything to purchase quality. Price is because some customers don’t focus anything in the product, they only focus on the price whatever the quality is. Place is because some customers want that the product available as near as possible which they desire. And our target is the area of Setlitetown because this area is the heart of the main city and all other areas belong to this. Environment is because mostly customers wish that the environment of cafe very peaceful, comfortable and healthy. Where they fully enjoy the taste of coffee and as well as their desired products. Style and design of our café will be very exponential and in this way customers automatically attract our café and the interior of our café will be very good. Because some customers want latest design according to the market. Because if everything is fine but the design and style of cafe is not proper then they can move to the others. What criteria are used to evaluate the alternative product?

Price and quality:
Some products are not good in quality but the price is very high then the customer will shift to the other company product for low price. Some people are quality conscious and when they don’t get the desire quality they will shift to the other. And as well as if the environment is not good then they will shift to the others. What criteria are...
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