Is Customer a King of the Market

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Is consumer really the king In India?

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Yes. counsumer is king in india. because consumer know what to buy what not to buy. they are educated. and laws also give protection to customer .consumer protection act is example. | |

  As per my counterview. Consumers are realy not consumers. Consumers bear an invisible tag of being 'KINGS'. They actually are not. In sense its just to attract the consumers & misguide them by a feel that they are valuable to the market. Consumers is just an ATM to debit cash into the sellers accounts. And make profits to the companies. As richers are linged in market. But what about middle class & poor class. Kings never negotiate but customer has to if they see the prices of products higher than the actual one.

So, I conclude saying Indian market is seller dominated market. So we are not realistic KINGS. | |
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No, nowadays consumers are mostly suffered by price. But the consumer is king concept says, Consumer is a price maker. But our country's consumer not treated like that. So in India consumer is not a king. | |

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Consumers ! They play a significant role in the economic system of our nation . If their is no effective demand that emanates from them , the economy would collapse .

However , let's get real !

Consumers are the " KING " on paper ! Various laws have been made giving consumers numerous rights but the laws merely stay on paper. They aren't effective in practical life .

Any entrepreneur is not carrying out business to fulfill the needs of the society rather society is only a medium in the name of which he can mint profits and earn himself a luxurious living .

Think for yourself, how many business man really think of developing consumer friendly products ! At the end of the day, they will compromise with the quality to bring down the per unit cost and increase the profits !

However, exceptions are always there ! No doubt .

I would strongly say, Consumers bear an INVISIBLE tag of being "KINGS" ! They actually are not . | |

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Yes, consumer is the king of India because he/she has a right but they have to utilize properly and they should know the consumer rights and for that government has to make awareness in the minds of people through advertising or some awareness program. If they know their rights then consumer will become king in India. | |

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No the consumer is not a king because today there is a increase of the inflation day by day and there is no power is the hand of the consumer for whom the price of the product is very high and then not able to purchase the product. If the consumer is the king then he has the authority then he can buy the product with out paying of the high prices. But the consumers are that with out each there is no important of the product so that consumer is important for the all product but not the king. | |

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No "consumer is really not king".Its just to attract the consumers and misguide them by a feel that they are valuable to the market.I agree with one of my friends opinion about the value given by the seller when we go with problem after the purchase.And sometimes even they cheat the consumer.As of my view consumer is not king he is just an ATM to debit cash into the sellers accounts.

But this cant be experienced with all products.

Consumer can only be king when they get a good response from the seller even after the purchase. There should be a cordial relation between a consumer and company forever so that it can be mutually profitable. | |

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As per my opinion, a consumer is really not a king because he is being cheated by the companies through their attractive ads and we fools just go for buying such products. Consumer has that power of king, but certainly we are not using it in a right way, consumers should be very much careful in buying such products after completely analysing them. Ya, I can say that only the richer are...
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