Puzzle Essay and Figuring Out How

Topics: Figure, English-language films, Police Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: April 29, 2013
When I was doing the puzzle activities on a couple of them within the discussion posts, I was kind of using isolation in figuring out the next steps, and what was missing. I tend to this first with what is obvious and what needs to be figured out. So what I mean by this is in the following example from a post by Keith Crawford: " Joesph walked Chuck, a potential new employee, through his company. He briefly went over the safety precautions of a couple machines, their uses, and regular day-to-day activity. Joseph was very impressed with Chuck's qualifications and knowledge on the workings of his business. Chuck was applying for a position in shipping. Joseph took him by the wall where a single dollar hung up. He proudly explained that it was the first dollar he ever made, almost 20 years ago, when the business first started. Finally Joseph brought the man outside and showed him his parking spot. Chuck thanked Joseph for the tour, but then directed Joseph to put his hands over his head.

What happened?"

So the way I solved this is isolation of what is known, we know that Chuck is a potential new employee, and Joseph is the Employee. Joseph was happy about a dollar bill from many years ago. Tour was complete, Chuck thanked Joseph and then Joseph told Chuck to put his hand over his head. This last part was kind of simple to figure out that Joseph was playing a potential employee but really was a cop so this part was obvious, the unknown was What did chuck do, well that I didn’t know specifically until reading the puzzle again and looking at the answer, apparently that dollar bill that he had and was proud of was counterfeit and that is how he started his business. Answer:

Chuck was a cop, Jospeph did something that caught up to him, and then was arreseted.. Actual answer I found:
Joseph was a counterfeiter, and Chuck was an undercover police officer. Joseph's business was to create counterfeit bills.

Chuck finally had the evidence to arrest Joseph...
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