Putting Things First

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In this topic, discussing about putting things first is a great way to organize our goals in life. This is about prioritizing things. It is associated with planning because of course we have to distinguish what would be the first thing to do, the next and the last especially if us students, are setting valuable goals and dreaming big in the next years of our lives. Also, it is concerning more likely to a "step-by-step process" to achieve a certain goal.

The story will tell us another technique to understand prioritizing things:
"Once upon a time there was a great teacher. He was very loved and appreciated by his students.
One day he took an empty jar into the classroom, and he said to his students, 'Would you all be so kind to fill this jar with rocks? Make sure the jar is full with rocks!'
The students did as he asked and filled the jar with rocks.
'Is the jar full?' the teacher asked.
'Yes,' replied by the students.
The teacher took some pebbles and put them in the jar, next to the stones. They fit in perfectly... 'Is the jar full now?'
'Yes!' the students said.
The teacher took some sand and put it in the jar next to the stones and pebbles. The he said, 'So now is the jar full?' 'No,' said by the students.
After that the teacher took a cup of water and poured water inside the jar and said 'I will now explain you what I wanted to demonstrate you from this little experience. The container represents your life. If you don't put in the big rocks first, you'll never get them all in. The big rocks represent the truly important thing in your life such as our faith, principles, family, friends, and personal growth. In the sense that if we lose everything and those things remain, our life would still be full and stable. The pebble represent the things in our life such as job, house, car, etc. And the sand, it represents everything else, better say secondary. If you fill your life with small things you will...
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