Putting Social Media in Context

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Social Networks: The Future

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Foreword ERIC SALAMA The promise of social networking ADDED VALUE

Social Media: Brands
19 The Future of Social media for Brands MILLWARD BROWN 24 Twitter’s Emerging Potential as Marketing Platform KANTAR MEDIA COMPETE 29 How to avoid Common Pitfalls of Online Listening Research KANTAR MEDIA CYMFONY 35 The Intersection of Seeking and Sharing Information KANTAR MEDIA COMPETE

Social Media: In Practice

Social: Global Growth
44 Spotlight on China MILLWARD BROWN

Eric Salama

There isn’t a day when I’m not on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; there isn’t a day when I don’t learn something new. My view of the world, of brands, my experiences and purchase behaviour, my view of what I do and don’t have in common with others are shaped by social media. Not to the exclusion of all else but certainly in addition to all else. Hundreds of millions of people around the world shape and are shaped by social media to a bigger or lesser extent. For some social is about Yelp, TripAdvisor and review sites. In China, RenRen is the biggest social platform while Weibo services (China’s Twitter equivalent) claims a combined registered user base in excess of 400 million. In Russia (arguably the most engaged social networking audience worldwide), Vkontakte is the largest social networking site and use of Twitter has grown three-fold in 2010 alone. Reports have social media spending accounting for approx.. 10-12% of total advertising budgets in 2011; And of course who can ignore Facebook, which has a reach greater than most TV networks in US and Europe combined.

Different consumers find their own ways of “doing social.” And we can expect this to evolve as the early adopters change their life-stages. Consider that the first Facebook generation are now recent college graduates and are out looking for jobs. How will that play out in what Facebook becomes? Or longer-term, if I am on Facebook, will my kids want to be? We have reacted from a commercial point of view. Kantar has incorporated social media thinking and metrics in many of our core services and rolled out the coverage of businesses such as Cymfony; within WPP, GroupM has hired specialists and created social media focused agencies such as M80 and GMS Local; WPP Digital has invested in 4 social media partnerships in the past three years. But ours is a never ending quest to help our clients and partners understand what is probable and tap into what is possible. To do so we must continually put

Social in context against what we know about other media and measure it with some of the rigor by which we evaluate other media. This report is part of that quest. We have been studying what people think, feel, say AND do for a long time – through a marketing lens and through the social, political and trend research we carry out. We help our clients and marketers answer critical business questions like: How does social interrelate to television? Can I attribute offline purchase to social media? How does social media work in my overall marketing mix? What is the value of a Facebook Fan? In the following pages, we have collected together some short thought-pieces on these topics. Hope you find it an interesting view on the phenomenon of social media. And please be sure to share your views on whatever social media sites you like! Eric Salama CEO, Kantar www.twitter.com/ericsalama

Social networks: The Future
Before we begin our exploration of Putting Social Media in Context, we must first understand what social means. What are social networks and why do people join them? How these social ecosytems function and evolve will have a great impact on social media and how brands should engage with consumers on these platforms.

The Promise of Social Networking


In early 2010, Facebook passed Google in website traffic. This is astonishing because Google has been the greatest growth story of all time. How could...
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