Purpose of the Digestive System

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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1/What is the purpose of digestion?
* Break down food, absorb nutrient from food into body tissues and systems in body 2What is the name given to mammal only eat meat ?
* Carnivores
3/What is the name of mammal only eat plant?
* Herbivores
4/What is the difference between a fore-gut fermenter and hind-gut fermenter? Example? Because plant cells have tough cellulose cell walls and herbivore are not able to digest, they use micro- organisms that live symbiotically to break down cellulose in fermentation process into nutrients | Fore- gut fermenter| Hind-gut fermenter|

Location of caecum| Carry out digestion in a chamber- rumen, before the true stomach (abomasum). The ruminant stomach consists of four separate compartments divided by sphincters, rumen is one of them.| Carry out cellulose digestion in the caecum, a chamber after the small intestine| Role of micro-organism in digestion| Consume glucose from cellulose to produce fatty acids| Consume glucose from cellulose to produce fatty acids| Providing nutrient| Can be digested as a source of protein * Providing more nutrient| The host cannot digest micro-organism as a source of protein because food passes from stomach to intestine before bacteria acts on the food. | Special feature of animal| | Coprophagy(eating faeces) to gain nutrient efficiently| Advantages/disadvantages| Having more advantages in providing more nutrients.The toxic material is detoxified before going to the small intestine for absorption.| Disadvantages in providing more nutrients for the host. The toxic material can be absorbed into bloodstream before it is detoxified | Efficiency of caecum| Wasting less energy to digest cellulose| Wasting less energy to digest cellulose|

5/What is the purpose of a cow” sitting quietly and chewing” * When cows eat grass they try to eat as much as possible. So grass only is broken down into smaller pieces by chewing of teeth. These food...
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