Purpose of Curriculum

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Purpose of Curriculum Assessment

Curriculum assessment is the process of collecting information for the use in evaluation. Any information, data collected or obtained through various processes will be analyze for important decision making processes.

Curriculum assessment may achieve the following purposes:

1. Highlight curriculum expectation.
2. Gather the information about what students know and can do. 3. Motivate students learn better.
4. Motivate and encourage teachers to meet the identified needs of students. 5. Provide evidence to tell how well the students have learned. 6. Obtain feedback that helps teachers, students and parents make good decision to guide instructions.

Assessment in this lesson will include the intended, implemented and achieved curriculum.

Intended Curriculum – refer to the set of objectives set at the beginning of any curricular plan. It establishes the goal, specific purposes and immediate purposes to be accomplished. The objects must be specific, measurable, attainable, result oriented and relevant, and time bound (SMART).

Implemented Curriculum - are the various learning activities or the experiences of the students in order to achieve the intended curricular outcomes. Activities must be congruent with its objectives and address the multiple intelligences and whole attributes (KSA) of the learners.

Achieve Curriculum – refers to the curriculum outcomes base on the intended and implemented curriculum. Achieve curriculum is now considered the product. It indicates the performance, vis a vis the objectives and various activities. It is usually describe by test scores or performance indicators measured by evaluation tools.

Each type can be assessed independently and in comparison with other three components. The figure below shows the relation among the three curricula.

Any gap along the line will lead to obstacles in the accomplishment of the overall purpose...
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