Curriculum Theory

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  • Published : October 17, 2011
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Curriculum Evaluation Assignment (1) (Cert.Ed.)|
| Discuss curriculum theories and relate them to own professional role.Place a specific curriculum within its social and educational contextDiscuss evaluation and quality assurance processes relevant to the selected curriculum and relate them to own professional role.Evaluate the selected curriculum using appropriate evidence and make proposals for improvement.2,000 - 2,500 words| | You need to demonstrate in this assignment that you have met Learning Outcomes K1, K2, K3, K5, A2, A3| | | K1: Demonstrates an understanding of curriculum theory K2: Analyses relevant curriculum policyK3: Understands curriculum evaluationK5: Analyses quality assurance systems in PCET A2: Relates curriculum theory and evaluation to own professional roleA3: Identifies links between current curriculum policy and theory| | | |

A suggested structure for theCurriculum Evaluation Assignment| | INTRODUCTION| |
| | The Curriculum you have chosen to focus on for this assignment. (This may be a programme of courses offered by your organisation or department.)| | | NATIONAL & SOCIAL CONTEXT| |
| | What is the purpose of the curriculum you have chosen? How does it fit with Government agendas? What National factors influence the curriculum. Who is it aimed at? What are their backgrounds, expectations and aspirations?| | | EDUCATIONAL CONTEXT| |

| | The organisation that delivers the curriculum. The curriculum model (see Product/Process and Curriculum Concepts). What is the predominant theoretical perspective? (See Learning Theories.) The methods of delivery. Resources, staffing, time, cost, etc. The support mechanisms provided (for students, for staff). (See Factors Affecting Curriculum.)| | | QUALIFICATIONS, AWARDS, ASSESSMENT| |

| | What qualifications does the curriculum offer? The Awarding bodies and their influence on curriculum structure, delivery methods, etc. How are students...
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