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Effective Assessment Practice
Denise Logan
University of Phoenix
Curriculum is the organized learning experiences of students (Cooper, 2010). Curriculum is the intellectual content area of a subject, the method used to teach the subject as well as all the activities used to impart the knowledge (Ryan & Cooper). Curriculum is also considered as the course of study taught in an institution. It is not just what the students learn but what the students will do as a result of the learning experiences (Billings & Halstead, 2009) Billings & Halstead, 2009). The curriculum is designed to impart relevant information that is needed to meet the need of society. There are several factors that influence curriculum development. This paper will discuss curriculum implementation, program outcomes, and course development; the factors that influence them.

Course development

Course development is the process of figuring out a system to organize a course. According to (Choa, Saj, & Hamilton, 2010) course development is a system of organizing, selecting, and sequencing of contents to be learned. Course development is accomplished by the instructors who are the expertise in the particular area. Developing course is a complicated process where the teachers are constantly reevaluating and making changes. It involves not just the planning of a course but also the teaching of the course. Course development provides the framework for what the students will do, how they will do it, and how will success be measured (Choa, Saj, & Hamilton, 2010). Course development also creates a sequence of how the information 6is disseminated to the students. Some questions that are asked during the process of course development are • How will the information be imparted to students?

• What are the prerequisite to this course?
• How will the information be sequenced?

Program outcomes

Program outcomes...
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