Purpose of Advertising

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  • Published : September 28, 2011
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Advertising is an important marketing strategy. Making catchy advertising campaign is an art mastered by few Zoos Zoos by Vodafone won the hearts of millions. It sold many services and merchandise through different advertising technique. Company achieves a growth in the sales of their products and services by attracting the masses towards them. Different types of advertising techniques aim at highlighting the product, feature and bringing about its uniqueness is carried out through different media so that the advertisements gain a mass appeal. It is brought before the public through various channel to ensure that the product or the service is noticed by the general public. 

Purpose of Advertising

Komal Malani

Purpose of Advertising
The ultimate purpose of all commercial advertising is to make the consumers aware of product and services to persuade them to buy. The overall purpose of advertising must be defined first and then broken down into various stage. The following are the stages in a purchase decision- 

1. Creating an awareness of the product or idea in the minds of potential buyers/acceptors lie to attract new buyers and try to expand customer base. 2. Fostering a favorable attitude for the product-

This point says the ability to get our attention because thousands of advertisements are seen, heard everyday. Therefore, and effective advertisement must standout from the competition and grab the consumer attention. 3. Establishing preference for the brand i.e. to create an organization recognition among the consumers i.e. establishing preference for the brand 4. Arousing interest to buy the brand-

It means through special offers, current developments, notices the interest can be aroused in the customers. 5. Helping to achieve the sale, receipt of order or acceptance of idea. It conveys basically to increase the sale of a particular product. 6. Ability to transmit the message i.e. the ability to convenience the potential consumer to accept the message of the advertisement and the brand.   Thus, the influence of advertising on each of these stages depends on specific industry or market environment, competition relevant to the company, its product and services, special characteristics selling methods, distribution channels and advertising coverage in which the qualitative features count a lot.    

Types of Advertising Techniques

Neelam Gohil

Types of Advertising Techniques

1. Email Advertising technique:-

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Email advertising tops this list types of advertising techniques because its tops this list of new and growing...
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