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Journal writing on “PUNCTUATIONS” NAME:Mohammed Harun Ur Rashid


Punctuation is one of the most important aspects of written English, yet it is one taken the most lightly. And it changes meaning, gives a pause to the reader,and changes the tone of the voice when speaking.

In all of the essays authors surprised me.They showed me what punctuations actually is, whats te importance of punctuations. as for example "Don't STOP" and "Don't, STOP" do both of them are same? NO, just a comma changed full meaning. This is how the essays impressed me.

"The comma is a flashing yellow light that asks us only to slow down" this line has been taken from the essay "In Priase of the Humble Comma" paragraph no.2 line no.5, this is the line which gives all the description about Comma. Like this in every essays they described each punctuations in this way, which I was hoping to.

This essays has changed my view of how to see puntuations. Before I didn't cared that much about punctuations, but now I got a clear information about punctuations.And I came to know that to convey a correct message and write a good piece of English I must use punctuations.

"The relationship with my father in Winnipeg has became more personal than it had been with the alternating saturday father-son telephone call.Because of its brief nature every single character is an enormous significance." this lines has been taken from the essay "The Impotance of Email Punctuation: A Cautionary Tale" paragraph no.2 line no.9, this lines makes me understand that punctuations played a great role to make their son-father relation stronger which serves to an emotional investment.

These essays made me felt 'emotionally invested' because it can grow a stronger relation between two person which is really a important thing in this...
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