Analysis of Miranda Lamberts Country Song "The House That Built Me"

Topics: Poetry, Metaphor, Spirituality Pages: 4 (611 words) Published: November 18, 2010
``The House That Built Me``


This essay will show how the Songwriter, M.Lambert uses metaphors, narration,

diction, metre and an abundance of figurative language to portray her poetry. When the

song is analyzed, its meaning takes on a whole new understanding and a parable of

repentance, forgiveness and salvation unfolds.

In the opening stanza the songwriter uses a conventional metaphor to show she

has no knowledge of whom she is addressing; “You don’t know me from Adam” (3).

This reveals just how important the songwriter believes her message is and it shows how

great her conviction. The confession to a stranger is, in itself significant, because it

shows how lost and alone the is as she has no other person in her life to whom she can

confide in. I also believe that the narration to a stranger was done with purpose, so that

the listener would conclude that this song was performed just for them, or to any young

girl out in the world living with regrets. The importance was also emphasized by regular

use of punctuation, commas and periods as well as diction, slow words, which forces the

song to be slowed down and reflected upon.

Throughout the song we see an irregular rhythm that changes between iambic and

trochea pentametre and it is through this erratic metre the songwriter conveys the inner

conflicts that she has experienced, such as being lost in sin. In contrast, the regular meter

signifies the songwriters change of attitude and we now see peace of mind and an inner

calmness. The bridge is an example of the before and after we see in the life of the

songwriter. In the middle of the bridge there is an interruption in metre, which is evident

that the songwriter herself experienced a similar interruption in life. She continues

onward, but now she resummes life with a different beat, or in her case, a different...
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