Puma Marketing Project

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With a hallmark of mixing it up, PUMA has a top 10 position in the global sporting goods market. We have distinguished ourselves from the competitive landscape and strengthened our hold in our consumer's life. Puma has risen fast to attain sixth place in the global sportswear market, doubling its annual profits in one year. Dedicated to delivering cutting edge products and a long-term growth plan are key drivers in our longevity which result in our ability to anticipate the market's needs. As we will continue to stay true to our objective and expand our innovative ideas, we are confident that 2005 will be another rewarding year for PUMA. The following contains our internal analysis, external analysis, DAFO Analysis, fixed objectives of the plan, basic strategies, marketing plan, and plan of action and finally our Process and control plan. Enjoy.


Puma's mission is twofold because it incorporates both a brand mission and a corporate mission. The brand mission is to become the most desirable Sportlifestyle brand," and the corporate mission is "to be the first truly virtual sports company." The two will be discussed in further detail below.

We have taken significant steps toward achieving our brand strategy/mission by fusing the creative influences from the world of sport, lifestyle and fashion. Implementing the brand strategy/mission involves maintaining vigilant watch over our distribution channels, making certain that we maintain the high level of desirability necessary for sustainable growth. Similarly, in areas where growth is desired, we strive to offer solid guidance and strict alertness to ensure that the brand's objectives and direction are maintained.

Our Corporate strategy/mission, specifically deals with our focus on continuously persuading a more efficient and flexible organization capable of thriving in an increasingly fast-paced and dynamic industry. In order to implement this, we have decentralized our structure while simultaneously establishing the first virtual sports company.

This decentralization has taken place mainly in East South-East Asia: 90 %of footwear, and 60% of apparel is outsourced to China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia; further production is based in Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Paraguay and the USA.

Principles & Corporate Philosophy:

At the heart of PUMA's Corporate Philosophy lies the desire to evolve the organization through the fostering of unique company values, all compatible with the personality of the brand. Its Principles are summed up in the following: Passion, Openness, Self-Belief and Entrepreneurship.

It is a business rooted in the passionate world of sporting endeavour. The history of the brand resonates with the echoes of great athletes and legendary performances, celebrated in stadiums across the globe. PUMA makes products designed to facilitate the individual achievements that evoke the most passionate responses.

Today's marketplace is one of the fastest changing and dynamic on the planet. To respond quickly and effectively in this environment demands a culture of openness, where opinions can be shared without fear of blame and where old wisdom can be questioned without the fear of antagonism. In this culture, respect and understanding flourish naturally, teamwork flows seamlessly, barriers dissolve and a much over-used word, empowerment, takes on real meaning.

Global businesses face new challenges every day. It is the quality of the people in these businesses and their belief in their own abilities that enable these challenges to be overcome. PUMA's recognition of this is reflected in its determination that everyone in the company understands and embraces the company values, as well as benefits from the experience and integrity of their colleagues. Only with self-belief will individuals have the confidence to make things happen,...
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