Public Speaking

Topics: Human sexuality, Adolescence, Sexual intercourse Pages: 5 (1063 words) Published: June 4, 2011
TOPIC: Sex education
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: I want my audience to know and understand everything about sex education and its implications INTRODUCTION
Attention getters:
I can remember the first time I had “the talk” with my parents. •How many people have ever had “the talk” with their parents? •What comes to your mind when you hear the word sex?
Thesis statement: sex education should be about giving a girl or boy the tools or having the courage to say "no", and ultimately "yes" when the time is right.

Audience adaptation and credibility statement:
Why is the topic important to them?
Why I am someone they should listen to?

Preview of the main points:
Firstly I will inform you about how your body changes as a teenager. •secondly I will talk to you about teen pregnancy
thirdly I’ll introduce you to abstinence
fourthly I will introduce you to healthy boy-girl relationship •Lastly I would inform you about your environment, the things you watch and read also explaining the type of people you consider as role models e.g. celebrities •Conclusion

(First let me explain how your body changes in relation to sex education) BODY
1.Between the ages of 10-14 most boys and girls begin to notice changes in their bodies A.Boys: voice gets deeper, muscles develops, hair grows on the face, chest and face B. As a boy progresses through the stages of puberty, he will also start to have erections and he may have wet dreams. Girls: grow taller, body shape changes, breast grows, hips grow wider. C.Sexual feelings during puberty, sexual attitude and behavior •It isn’t just the body that changes during puberty; our feelings can change too •Girls tend to feel sexual urges

Boys have an erection
D.Masturbation: NO! NO! NO!
Due to sexual feelings caused in puberty some teens might result to Masturbation
Masturbation in simple terms is touching the genitals to get pleasure. •STATISTICS: According to the encyclopedia of children’s health Sixty to ninety percent of teenage boys and 40 percent of teenage girls masturbate in the United States.

(Now that I’ve discussed about body changes I will now discuss about teenage pregnancy) 2.Teenage pregnancy happens when teens have sex at an early age The “BBBBBBBB” rule-Books before Boys Because Bad Boys Bring Babies Tears all your hopes and dreams apart

Lack of discipline and control can also lead to teen pregnancy •Your environment can also lead to teenage pregnancy
Lack of parental guidance
Adolescent sexual behavior
Peer pressure
Lack of knowledge
Sexual abuse
Mental effect: depression
Physical effect: increased body weight
Stomach gets bigger
Breast size
Emotional effect: frustrated
School drop out
Teenagers are likely to get STD: gonorrhea
Syphilis HIV
Genital warts

Discourage early dating: GIRLS NO BOYFRIENDS ALLOWED!!!!!! BOYS NO GIRLFRIENDS ALLOWED!!!!!! •abstain from sex
educate teens on pregnancy and its prevention(abstinence) •use good old fashioned rules and curfew

(Now that you know about teenage pregnancy I will discuss about abstinence to keep you safe) 3. While I am still a teenager abstinence is the key word A. Abstinence means that you are not having sexual intercourse and Sexual intercourse means that you are...
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