Expected Transitions

Topics: Youth, High school, Childhood Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: March 31, 2013
A child will not really know what is going on when they are first brought to a nursery, however the child will be excited at first until they realise that their parent/carer is leaving and will not be coming back straight away,this could make the child become shy,dismissive upset or even anxious..A child will not trust any of their carers until they a fully settled and are comfortable about where they are and the routine they are following. High school

Starting high school is a big time for a young person it is probably the most scary common transition so far in their life,having to deal with leaving some of their childhood friends, and entering a new school feeling scared and alone.They will have many mixed emotions, all based around the experiences they have felt and dealt with when making new friends and starting a new school. The pressure is a little more intense then when they were in primary or middle school as they know what to expect but as they are older anxiousness will kick in and the young person will feel self-conscious or very withdrawn and may even start acting out of character. Puberty

This change to the young people’s body affects everything about them, so it is a particulary hard time for them. Knowing they do not have any control over what is happening this will make the child become dismissive or argumentative with parents or carers and even their siblings. During this time they tend to focus more on friends and their relationships outside of the home.Puberty is a complicated and confusing time for most young people. They sometimes worry about whether the changes in their bodies are 'normal', especially if they develop differently - earlier, or at a different rate - from their friends.
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