Achievement Gap

Topics: Anxiety, High school, Emotion Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: April 21, 2013
High school years should be a great experience, but many demands and rapid changes can make them one of the most stressful times of life. Students today face increasing amounts of schoolwork, a rapidly changing curriculum, assignment deadlines and exams; they worry about selecting careers and post secondary programs, and they must balance schoolwork with sports, hobbies and social life. They have conflicts with parents, friends, siblings; have to cope with unpredictable moods, concerns about appearance, fitting in with a peer group - and also handle love relationships and sexuality Money is always a worry, as is dealing with issues of alcohol and drugs - and now there's a new fear of violence in and around schools. As if that wasn't enough, they have to deal with all this while undergoing rapid physical and emotional changes - and without the benefit of life experience. But on the positive side, these challenges are perfect for developing what many experts believe is more important than IQ in predicting future success in work, personal and financial life: the 'Emotional Quotient' . The EQ includes: awareness of one's emotions, strengths and limits, developing self - esteem taking responsibility, having empathy for others, self-control, and setting high standards while being persistent in the face of obstacles. Here are some other skills that will help students thrive at high school - and beyond: Learn to balance the demands on your time. Plan well in advance and also get organized - and fight procrastination. With a vivid picture of your goals in mind, stay ahead of schoolwork from day one - do it first, limit TV, and refuse to waste 10 hours a week working to buy stuff you don't really need. Practice effective worrying: list stresses and look for solutions - or change your attitude. Understand stress symptoms: tiredness, poor concentration, headaches, stomach trouble and insomnia. To control symptoms, learn relaxation and mental...
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