Ccld Mu 2.2

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3.1 Describe the different transitions children and young people my experience. During their lives children and young people all experience some sort of transitions. These could be either common transitions or less common transitions. Common transitions include; being left with an unfamiliar carer, changing schools, starting puberty. Less common transitions include; them, a family member or friend becomes seriously ill, or dies, them or a close friend moves away, their parents split up and get divorce meaning they have to live with only one parent or between the two.

3.2 Explain how to give adult support for each transitions.

Changing school
Moving schools can be scary for any child, as an adult you can offer then support and comfort to make them feel more comfortable and settle into their new setting and not feel nervous or scared about being somewhere unfamiliar.

Being left with an unfamiliar carer
If the parent needs to go to work then they may hire a baby sitter or put into a nursery, the child may feel scared and upset about being left with people he/she doesn’t know. As the person looking after the child you can comfort them and try make them feel comfortable and calm them down if they are upset about being left by their parents.

Going through puberty
Puberty can be a confusing time for a child, with all the different things happening to their body they may be confused as to why this is happening, and feel like there is something wrong. As an adult you c sit them down and talk to them about what is happening to them and reassure them that it is normal and all a part of growing up, and help them understand what else to expect over the years to come to put their mind at ease and make them feel more comfortable with the changes happening to their body.

A loved one falling ill or dying
When the loved one of a child falls ill or even dies that are most likely to feel very upset, you can help comfort them by reassuring them that...
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