Public Space: for Safety, Fun, and the Future

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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Public Space: For Safety, Fun, and The Future.

Does your community have a place where everyone can get together? Can everyone feel safe to bring his or her families there? Everyone community needs some type of public space so it’s members can get together. If there were no place for people to go like that what would they do? Can you imagine never seeing people around, just constantly staying inside of their homes and never making an appearance out in the world? That would be a pretty desolate and depressing place! Why would people want to move to an area like that? Having a safe and fun environment for the public to go to is extremely important to keep that area flourishing. Whether it be a park, café, or mall it affects it’s surroundings more than anyone would think. The area I live in we have Macomb Mall, which has been failing for quite some time. In return, businesses around the mall have no been doing so well either, businesses closing left and right. With everything closing down and leaving buildings abandoned it brings negative attention. The mall and the surrounding area are now getting a very negative vibe about it. Some people are even scared to shop there. It really puts a damper on our community, we love to have easy access to safe areas to meet up with friends, to get some shopping done, or just have a nice day out with your family but how would you do that if the area made you scared and uncomfortable?

The World’s First Modern Shopping Mall by James Grahame touches exactly on what I am thinking of. The first shopping mall ever created back in 1956 by Victor Gruen was intended to help communities by bringing people together to shop, chat, and spend time with their loved ones and friends. Many places used the concept and made even more malls all across the United States. He wanted them act as a substitute for the arcades found in old European cities and give people easy access within walking distance. No one could have anticipated what would...
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