City of Kelsey

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City of Kelsey
In the city of Kelsey there are a variety of people that live here. We are an enormous community with doctors, farmers, bankers, right down to your everyday blue collar workers and many more. The residents in the community have many different jobs. We have people that work the farms, teach our children, work the mills and those that are here to serve and protect us such as the police officers, firefighters and ambulance personnel. The community offers up a variety of opportunities for our members to gather together and socialize such the local fairs, where there are many chances for the members of the community to socialize and fellowship. The local mall also offers up a wide array of terrific shops and plenty of activities for community members to join in and have fun.

The city has a nice blend of many different cultures and ethnicity which allows people of a race or culture to feel comfortable within. Each member of the community participates by helping and giving back to the community by volunteering their time, monies or resources that they have available. It is not a must that each member is required to give back, because as we all know there are always those that are less fortunate than others or perhaps could be struggling. The community members are to pull resources together to lend a helping hand where needed to those that need it.

As a socially responsible community member I am compassionate and caring and respect my neighbors. I do my part to lend a helping hand whether it is acknowledged or not. I do my best to volunteer when I can, donate money or resources for a cause and actively work hard at being a good person. I take the time out of my life to make time for someone else or to give back to those that have done so much for the community. My family and friends are a top priority in my life, so I take the time to welcome new faces in the neighborhood, as well as keeping in touch with and caring for those that have lived in the...
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