Psychological Development of Ted Kaczynski

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Psychological Development of Ted Kaczynski
Ted Kaczynski, a man known for his bombings sent via mail and hand-delivered, more so than his intelligence. Ted attended Harvard at 16, and went on to get his PhD in mathematics from the University of Michigan. The Ted’s influence of psychological development seems to stem from more environmental factors than that of heredity. From the days as a baby in the hospital in seclusion with the measles to the research studies he participated in while attending college. The lack of ability to “fit” in, and the uniqueness within his personality, limited any type of social or family support. Trying to explain Mr. Kaczynski’s personality if far from simple. To choose one theory of personality, one would have to use behaviorist theories, although many might find that he would fit into the type theory. In the short snap shot the behaviorist theory fits, due to the feeling that his personality was developed largely in part due to the effects of external factors on his behavior. (Chase 2000) Background

Ted Kaczynski was born on May 22, 1942. During the first months of his life Ted was quarantined in a hospital due to the measles. The doctors wanted to segregate Ted because of their inability to determine where the illness originated. In March of 1943 Ted’s mother was quoted saying, “Baby home from hospital and is healthy but quite unresponsive after his experience. (Ted 2009) During Ted’s fifth grade year as a result of testing, he was found to have an IQ of 167. This began the many years of accelerated schooling and ability to skip grades. It was during this time that Ted found himself without friends and being subjected to bullying. During these years Mr. Kaczynski had a fear of people. He had little interaction with other children; instead he would just sit and play next to them. His mother considered having Mr. Kaczynski tested for Autism but did not follow through. (Chase) Kaczynski flourished academically in...
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