Ted Bundy His Killings on a Drive-Reduction Theory

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  • Published : December 10, 2011
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Psychology, M/W/F 12:40-1:35
Ted Bundy his killings on a Drive-Reduction Theory Ted Bundy was a serial killer in the 1970s, in Florida. He grew up in normal Christian loving home with five brothers and sisters. There was no drinking, drug use, or any such things round the house. Growing up Ted considered himself a “normal” kid. As Ted grew into his teens, he started having desirers of something more. Ted felt something was missing. He had a yearning for a release. Ted soon found his relief in store market porn. As Ted aged, he found that magazine centerfolds helped him sooth his desire but he needed more. Ted progressed to movies, but his yearning needed more fuel. As the desires progressed he added violence to the print and movie porn. Ted still needed more. He needed to have his desired fulfilled. Soon the violent magazines and movies would not be enough. The passion for wanting more out of porn drove Ted into action. The drive-reduction theory kicks into play. The drive-reduction theory is the idea that a physiological need creates an aroused state that drives the organism to reduce the need. Ted then turned to violet murders of women and some young girls to fulfill his need. The more Ted killed the more aggressive the killings became. Ted started small and worked is way up. He started with only store market porn, and then porn movies, then movies and magazines became violet. Soon that did not satisfy his yearnings; he needed another outlet for his release. The stronger force of the inter-demon caused Ted to insert himself physically into the satisfaction of his desires. This wanting of more, forced him to act upon it. Ted Bundy’s progression of violence is classic definition of the drive-reduction theory. I believe that Ted became unsatisfied and had to keep finding new ways to fulfill his desires in different ways. He did this by finding new and more violet methods of killing as well. His hormones did play a big...
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