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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Paper on article
Done for Intro to Psychology

IQ And Mathematical Learning
In the article Motivation, Not IQ, Matters Most for Learning New Math Skills, psychologists study math abilities and habits of thirty-five hundred German students from the fifth to tenth grade. Students’ mathematical abilities were evaluated each year using standardized testing. In addition to this students were given an IQ test and surveys that questioned about their attitudes toward math. As the title of this report suggests they found that IQ was not the main determining factor in how well the student’s math abilities grew. Instead IQ was found to be a predictor of initial math skill and studying and motivation where found to be predictors of growth in mathematical abilities. These findings came as a surprise to the researchers who predicted that intelligence measured by IQ would be a strong predictor of mathematical abilities. This article encompasses the main findings of the researchers into a summarization of their findings. This research in this study is credible and believable but the article leaves out some essential information about the findings that could strengthen or weaken the researcher’s argument and allow the reader to develop their own opinion. In this study the independent variable is the student’s IQ and the dependent variable is the student’s mathematical scores/abilities. IQ tests have long been used as a system to measure the intelligence of the testee. Standardized mathematical testing is an accurate method of measuring mathematical abilities because it objectively scores each student’s mathematical knowledge in the same way. Due to the standardized nature of the IQ and math tests the student’s scores can be used to compare each other with without causing error. In order to solidify these findings and rule out possible sources of error researchers interviewed students to determine their attitudes and behaviors about math. Specifically they asked to...
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