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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Relate Stereotyping, Prejudice, & Disrimination To Real Life Experiences and Its Global Awareness.

The world is well aware with these terms stated above- stereotypes, prejudice, and discriminate. These three terms are used to further create inequality between people based on their inner and outer characteristics. Specifically the inequallities which are most common are based on races or gender. Being a stereotype means to generate an oversimplified representation of a particular type of a person. This type of an act is superficial and can lead to prejudice, buy thinking that information gathered by sterotypes is suffice you become prejudice and thus naïve and judgemental.When you make judgmets you automatically discriminate. In a nutshell. Stereotyping leads to prejudice, which ultimately leads to dicrimination. However, every individual is different, and just because they have similarites or differences with others doesn't directly mean they're exactly like them. This act of assumption may lead to a disagreement or bias, making you pass judgments without any verification. Thus, you end up discriminating.

A major issue in the world right now is racism. Racism has occurred due to the act of being prejudice. A perfect example would be the second World War. Hitler blamed all the Jews for everything, he judged all the Jews and saw them all as the same. He stereotyped all the Jews and discriminated them, convincing Germans that Jews were the cause of each and every problem of theirs. However it isn't was not possible to blame an entire race (including children) for ther issues. Hitler managed to make the Germans prejudice and go against the Jews without any reliable evidence showing how the Jews were the cause. However, racism hasn't stopped then, it still continues in the modern world. People pass on comments about you based on stereotyping such as “All chinese people are yellow” or “Every chinese has small eyes” which isn't completely true. People...
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