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Emotion Based On Facial Expressions
The James Lane theory suggests that emotions occur post event. If human emotion is based on facial expression, then the subject would find the comic funnier if their face is forced into a smile and if the face was formed into a frown then the comic would obviously be less funny. Method

IV: The position of the face. The operational definition being the exact position of the pen in the face while reading the comics.
DV: The measurement of how funny something is. The definition being the exact measurement of amusement rated from 1 being the lowest and least funny, through 5 being the highest and the most funny. The controls for this procedure include equally sized groups for each facial expression, keeping a steady environment, also the investigators voice stayed constant. Procedure

30 high school students took part in this experiment. The procedure was called the “strange situation” and consisted of 3 steps. The researcher selected participants by independent sampling, the researcher set up a experiment in which the participants were randomly assigned to avoid and population bias. All steps were approximately 20 minutes long. The participants were given different instructions based on which group they were in on how to hold their pens. The same cartoons were distributed to everyone. Conclusion

I concluded that the difference between groups was that the teeth group recorded scores a lot more pleasant and the lip group’s scores were much lower.

The participants for this procedure were chosen by random assignment. The experiment was held in Mrs. Walsack’s classroom 9th hour. The population was highly diverse and ranged with in different thought patterns, and different racial and economic backgrounds. Problems occurring with this procedure would have been with the individuals themselves. The environment and the researcher were held at a constant during the entire experiment. However, this class is...
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