Psy220 Week 6 Positive and Negative Emotions Check Point

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Positive and Negative Emotions Check Point

Positive emotions are healthy for us, both physically and mentally. Negative emotions that we may be having can be offset by positive emotions such as cheerfulness, joy and contentment. Positive emotions have effects that last longer than the effects of negative emotions. Certain positive emotions, such as joy, may lead to other positive emotions, which may lead to physical activity, creativity, and intellectual stimulation. Experiencing positive emotions result in improvement of our emotional well-being. When I am feeling happy and cheerful, I always get energized. I want to go for a walk or break out the camera and see what creative images I can capture. Feeling happy broadens my outlook on life.

Women are much more likely to experience negative emotions that men are. It is also less likely that men will have depression or anxiety. Women experience and express more negative emotions such as guilt, shame, fear, sadness and anxiety than men do. Men have a higher rate of externalizing disorders such as drug abuse, uncontrolled anger and aggression and anti-social personality disorders. Men are usually more aggressive in unprovoked situations. Researchers have suggested that this is the difference in how men and women experience negative emotions. Women are definitely more emotional than men are. The emotional lives of women tend to be more intense and extreme. Some researchers suggest that the paradox of gender may be a result of the way in which well-being is defined.


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