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Topics: Solution focused brief therapy, Positive psychology, Psychology Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: November 9, 2012
Annotated list of resources:
* Berg, Insoo Kim, “What is Solution Focused Brief Therapy” Explanations from the developer of the concept * Cherry, Kendra, “What is Positive Psychology” History of Positive Psychology uses and guidelines * Trepper, Terry S. “Solution Focused Therapy Treatment Manual “ Treatment Manual Compare and Contrast

The key focus of positive psychology is, “to make normal life more fulfilling” rather than just treating a mental illness (Scott 2012, 1). Positive Psychologist does not deny things cannot go wrong but how things go well by taking on a more positive approach. Positive Psychologist break down the topics into four categories’: “(1) positive experiences, (2) enduring psychological traits, (3) positive relationships, and (4) positive institutions” (Peterson 2009, 2). With these four topics in mind researchers try to analyze into these states of pleasure, values, strengths, virtues, talents, and how these are useful to see a more positive spin on a persons life. Solution-Focused Therapy gives counselor’s the best question to ask, “What maintains the problem” (Kollar 2011, 41). Sometimes an individual is stuck in the past by earlier perceptions. If we self-label we are basically stuck in the past unable to go forward. Solution-Focused therapy creates just that “solutions.” Using a biblical solution, “(1) God has given us the ability to create solutions, (2) The solutions can be described and clarified, (3) more than one outcome to counseling can be created, (4) the counselor and the counselee can do the creating and clarifying together, (5) we create solutions as a joint effort with God’s preparation; and (6) this process can be taught” (Kollar 2011, 41). By using this method you create three things deliberately, “you find out what the need is, seek out what God has already placed and what works,...
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