Psy/201 Testing Intelligence Summary

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  • Published : March 14, 2012
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Testing Intelligence
After taking the web-based intelligence test and reviewed the answers, I am somewhat considered. I do not feel this test result was all that accurate. With only thirty questions asked, which ranged from math to general knowledge, I feel that it might not have gathered enough information to make it accurate. Not to mention, the test was timed and not divided into sections. There were a couple of math problems that I had to stop and figure out and I was unable to answer the last four questions. I think that lowered my score. So I no, I do not feel this IQ test was fully accurate.

In a way I feel that the test was biased. Not every 27 year old thinks or has been taught the same way I have. I feel the test asked for some personal information that I considered making the IQ test biased. The web-based test asked for my hair color, marital status, if I smoked or not, and if I exercised. This was all asked after I took the test and before I was given my test score, so it could adjust the testing due to the information I gave. I feel this test was about not just about one’s IQ, but also by the diversity of those who take the test.

I do not have any negative feelings towards this IQ test. However, I feel the test was too general, inaccurate, and biased that I do not think it is good to compare myself with other people. I feel this way because the test is timed and based on some personal information. I do not think you can compare it to others because everyone tests differently.
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