Pshchoanalytic Personality Assessment

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment
Dena White
Psychology of Personality
PSY 250
November 24, 2012
Dr. Stephanie Lyncheski

Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment
As developers of the id, ego and superego, Freud, Jung, and Adler came up with the White (2012) “therapy method known as psychoanalysis.” The Science and Practice of Psychology: (2007). All of these men enjoyed many ideas and disagreed about numerous theories when it came to improving each of their renditions of what was to happen in the beginning of psychology. A lot has since changed over the years and these three men came up with White (2012) ‘fledging ideation which leads to many modern theories of human behavior, thoughts, and personality. In fact, all psychologists recognize these three men as the pioneers of modern theories. Furthermore, these theories of all three men were very complex and difficult to understand.” The Science and Practice of Psychology (2007) Jung was unlike Freud who thought dreams can disclose subjects of a topic other than readiness and sexuality. White (2012) Jung believed “images, thoughts, or emotions that occurred during sleep” Hall (1989) disclosed a collectively inherited unconscious idea pattern of thought or images material, creatively and a drive toward individualization. White (2012) in fact, Jung thought that “images, thoughts, or emotions that occurred during sleep” Hall (1989) had a significance. White (2012) However, Adler thought that “images, thoughts, or emotions” Hall (1989) told what an individual was living. “Thoughts, images, or emotions” Hall (1989) announce the source White (2012) “of a collectively inherited unconscious idea and pattern of thought” Jung’s approach to dream explanation which involves the process of asking the dreamer to convene on assorted characteristics in their dreams then furnish as many associations as possible compared to Freud’s. White (2012) “free association to have the dreamer create a...
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