Ps I Love You

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Plot Summary of P.S. I Love You|
"Holly is a young Irish woman has just lost her husband. She struggles with what to do with her life now that the love of her life is gone. She struggles to get up each morning. She doesn't leave the house anymore or talk to her family and friends. Her mother calls one day to tell her that she has a package and needs to pick up. Holly gets it and realizes that it contains letters from her husband that he wrote before he died.

There are 10 letters each containing some instruction on what to do nowthat he is gone. She is only allowed to read one letter a month and each one comes with instructions about what to do now that he is gone. These are things she wouldn't have done if he were still alive, but because they are from him she abides by his wishes. All the while she realizes that even though he is gone he is still with her in spirit and she must go on with her life. 

Holly finds a job, meets new people and trys to keep life normal. She goes out partying with friends and goes on vacation. She wrestles with the possiblity of starting a new romance. All the while trying to stay true to her husband. In the end she realizes life does go on. Her husband wants her to be an independent lover of life. He wouldn't be disappointed if she went on to be happy without him.  " 

Renee Hawes, Resident Scholar |
"Holly and Gerry met through mutual friends while still in junior high school. They became sweethearts as both recognized that they had met their love buddy. Eventually they married. He promised Holly that if he ever left her, he would leave her with a list. Two months later Gerry is dead. After fifteen plus years from they met, thirty years old Gerry was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

A few months after Gerry's death an almost thirty Holly remains grieving unable to leave her home. Her mom calls to tell her that she has a package addressed to Holly with the word List above her name. A stunned Holly realizes somehow Gerry...
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