Ps I Love You

Topics: Marriage, Academy Award for Best Actress, Love Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: October 12, 2011
P.S. I Love You is a story of how Holly reacts to losing her husband, how her life is affected by it and in what way she could go on with living. There is an interesting story to tell. However the telling or showing of it is affected by lack of connection between certain events and episodes. One of these is the abrupt cut between the introductory quarrelling scene of husband and wife, jumping to the vigil sequence for Gerry who has passed on. Kathy Bates and Gerard Butler made convincing characters of Elizabeth the mother, and Gerry. Hilary Swank was somewhat lackluster as Holly, perhaps because this is a role she is not familiar with. Somehow, the movie is not as moving as it could have been. P. S. I Love You does show the extent of love and caring Holly and Gerry had for each other: she mourned for him; without him she practically did not want to do anything for herself. Even “beyond this life” Gerry kept in touch: to make her celebrate her birthday, with him on the cellphone; arranged a trip to Ireland, via letter, to meet his parents who had not met her yet. At the same time, family and her friends saw to it that she was never alone and moping. Besides these things going on, she used flashback to be in touch with her Gerry, found herself talking to him “in person” and feeling his presence all the time, until convincing friends helped her to move on and found something positive to do with her life.
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