Jack and the Beanstalk Scamper

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Jack and the Scientist
Once upon a time there was a poor widow who had an only son named Jack. She was very poor, for times had been hard, and Jack was too young to work. Almost all the furniture in the little cottage she lived in had been sold to buy food. She had a cow named Milky White that gave milk every morning, which they took to market and sold. But one sad day Milky White gave no milk and they had nothing to sell. “Don’t worry mother” said Jack, “I’ll go into town and sell Milky White. You can rely on me to make a good bargain”, and away he went to the market. On his way to the market he came across a butcher.

“Good morning.” Said the butcher
“Good morning to you,” said Jack.
“Where are you off to?” said the butcher.
“I’m going to market to sell our cow there,” said Jack "It's lucky I met you," said the butcher.
"You may save yourself the trouble of going into town."
He put his hand into the pouch hanging his waist, and pulled out five large, sparkly, chocolate brown beans. "What do you call these?" the butcher said.
"Beans," said Jack.
“Yes” the butcher replied
“But these aren’t just ordinary beans. They’re magic beans that grow as high as the sky. But to save you the trouble of going all the way to market, I don't mind trading them for that cow of yours." Jack thought this was a wonderful idea and boldly accepted the butchers offer. When Jack got home and told his mother of what a wonderful trade he thought he had made she was so angry she told Jack to go straight to bed and threw the beans out the window. When he woke up the next morning his room was almost dark. Jack ran to his window to see what was wrong. The sun was shining brightly outside, but from the ground right up beside his window there was growing an immense beanstalk, which stretched up and up as far as he could see, into the sky.

Jack went outside to get a better look at the beanstalk but was overwhelmed with temptation to climb it. I’ll just climb up a little way to see how far it goes.
Jack climbed up and up the beanstalk until his mother’s cottage looked like a mere speck, still up and up he went until he emerged through the clouds and suddenly he was surrounded by an entire glistening world above the clouds.

As he gazed around in amazement his eyes alighted on a magnificent sparkling golden castle that towered above him making him look like an ant in comparison.
“I wonder who lives in there “Jack thought. A bridge of puffy white clouds led to the castle and Jack stepped onto it. When he got to the gigantic door that was many times his size he boldly knocked several times. A huge woman ogre opened the door and scowled at him.

“I am lost and hungry” said Jack.
The woman ogre, having eight children of her own, let him in and offered him a bowl of milk and a gigantic chocolate chip cookie.
“Run away now!” she said after Jack had finished.
“My husband is about to come back, he is a mad scientist and will use you in one of his crazy experiments.”
Just as she was saying this they heard a thundering sound, it was the giant scientist returning.
Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, my scientific early warning detection system has detected the presence of an English man.
Be he alive or be he dead I’ll run a million tests on him until I know what’s in his head.
“Quick hide in here” she whispered as softly as she could, pushing Jack into a beaker that had fallen on its side. On the table where the beaker lay there were hundreds of inventions scattered, who knows what their purpose was.

“Do I detect a child in this room” said the giant holding a sophisticated piece of technology with flashing lights and buttons beeping at a different pitch and speed every time he pointed it at something different.

“Nonsense” said his wife. You’re useless inventions are always giving false readings saying that there are children in the proximity! Sit down and I will make you your dinner.” He walked into the room where Jack was in the Beaker...
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