Proyecto Reciclaje

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Pet Recycling Center
Pet Recycling Center

Francisco Camarena Paz
Faride Casanova
Roberto Gary
Andrés Obregón
Francisco Camarena Paz
Faride Casanova
Roberto Gary
Andrés Obregón
Francisco Camarena

Francisco Camarena

The corporation is going to be a recycling center of PET that will provide the recycle material to all the companies that need PET as a raw material in their production processes. It is big opportunity because the demand on the market of products made of PET is growing and for that motive, the company seeks to eliminate the amount of waste product by through the recycling process. Thereby, achieve significant cost savings from raw materials while minimizing damage to the environment. This market is not really exploded because the potential market is of 700 million dls, and that only represent the 15% of the 500,000 million tons of PET that we throw away every year. Another advantage is that the market in this sector is subsidized by the large companies that produce most of the products of PET.

The company has a lot of future because the production of products of this material is growing, and because is going to be a company that none of our processes damage the environment. Also we will do a good to the environment because the advantages of the plastics products convert in disadvantages when we throw them away, because it a non-biodegradable material.

A recycling center first Collect waste whether from industry or post-consumer (collection), second classified the different plastics so they don’t contaminate each other (classification), third put them through a mill that turns bottles into small flakes of PET, then when you have the flakes, you pass them through a washing, where the lids, labels and adhesive residues are separated, and finally they enter to a drying machine that remove all the moisture form the flakes. After doing all that process you pack all the flakes and sell them as a raw material.

As we can see this company is not only socially responsible, but it is also quite profitable.


The product that we are offering to the market is recycled PET. Process
First we need to recollect the bottles from:
* Schools and universities
* Living areas (houses)
* Shops in general
* Industries
* Govern offices
* Streets and garbage deposits
Then all the recover materials are taken to our warehouse, where all the bottles will pass through a recycling process.

Machinery and equipment
* Warehouse
* Trucks: to pick up all the material from the establishments * Hoist: to carry the material to the working area
* Separation band: to separate the PET
* Mill: where the pet is milled into little flakes
* Washer: here we use hot water to separate the PET from other materials * Dying machine: he flakes enter to the drying machine where we take all the moisture.

More or less we are going to need 3,500,000.00 pesos to start this business. Opportunities
The recycling companies are the business of the future.
The market that we are entering is not as exploded as other recycling areas. We can export our product to US and China or we could sell or to Mexican companies that use the recycle pet as a raw material. Price

We now that the price of the PET in the streets is of 3.50-4 pesos. After you pass the pet through all the recycling processes, its price elevate to 11-12 pesos. So, in large numbers, we have an 8-8.5 profit margin; considering that our costs are 50% of our profit margin, we still have a 4-4.50 income from each kilogram of PET. Technology

We are going to use the latest technology, so we can offer the best recycle PET in the market and we could get the best prices too. Marketing
We won’t need a big marketing plan, but we want to create in the people´s mind the recycling culture.

Market Study

* The product that we are...
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