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Chapter 1Company File
Company History
Kimuragon Enterprise Corp. (KEC) first started in Taiwan twenty five years ago. As the company grew, they decided to branch out to other countries. The branch here in the Philippines was brought forth because of Noel Cuico’s trustworthiness. It all began when Ping Jung Hsin, President of KEC, came to the Philippines to conduct some business transaction. He always had the misfortune of being fooled by dishonorable taxi drivers, because he couldn’t understand the vernacular language, until Noel Cuico came along. Mr. Cuico at that time was a taxi driver and the two met at the airport. Mr. Ping and Mr. Cuico became friends and business partners because of the latter reputable conduct. Kimuragon Enterprise Corp. here in the Philippines was established three years ago and continues to grow with Mr. Noel Cuico as its Vice President and General Manager. •Company Nature

Kimuragon Enterprise Corp. (KEC) nature of business is importing and exporting metal scraps. They buy metal scraps from their suppliers here in the Philippines then they process the materials into metal cubes to be shifted to the main branch which is in Taiwan. The Taiwan branch, after receiving the shipment, will process those cubes into roofing materials that will be delivered back here in the Philippines to be sold. •Company Goal

The goal of the company is to save mother Earth by recycling metal scraps into usable roofing materials. Not only are they producing income with their nature of business, they are also helping take care of our surrounding.
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