Protocol Third Quarter

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Period 6 / English
January 28,2013
Academic Plan: Protocol Third Quarter
I will make a change in this third quarter. I have made my decision to prepare myself as well as to achieve my purpose. I feel really confident about this upcoming quarter because of my past improvements. My main achievement was in my final grade in these last two quarters; since in my first quarter I receive a C, however, in my second quarter I went up to a B in addition to my semester grade which was a B as well. Now that I am aware that I can make improvement I feel really positive about achieving even more things in this third quarter.

I still have to improve my sentence structure.
To improve my sentence structure I must work on my punctuation usage.
To work on my punctuation usage I must practice, since practice leads to perfection.
To help me even more I should use a rubric to revise as well as to edit my papers before I turn them in.
I must also work on avoiding fragments in my essays.
To avoid fragments I shall recognize subordinate clauses.
Now my main personal skill that I will work on will be my time management.
While working on my time management I must put away all distractions.
My two principle distractions are my cell phone and my computer.
I must turn off my phone, but the computer I should only use it for homework and nothing else.
My key resource is to make a schedule, this helps me keep track of time.
I also want to focus in the way I am handling my integrity.
To work on my integrity I must turn in all my work on time and meeting all the requirements.
In addition I must stop procrastinating by leaving everything to the last minute. My commitment for this quarter is that I must make improvement. I know how it feels to say," I went from a C to a B in my English class", to me its something great. But, I will no longer repeat that phrase, since I will have an A, and I will be responsible to...
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