Academic Probation Explanation

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  • Published : February 8, 2007
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CAS Agreement

In today's world, a bachelor's degree has become the norm. I recognize that ability to attend Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a great privilege. My family is a tremendous source of inspiration for me. In a time when financial aid was unavailable, my grandfather worked many different jobs to support himself through college. As a boy, he acquainted me with the struggles he faced to attain an education. His fierce determination was what put him through college and law school. My parents, both victims of divorce, were unable to complete their education at a university. Instead, an unexpected miracle would compel them to find work and fulfill certain responsibilities. I am enrolled in college so that I might have the opportunity to tread down a path laden with opportunity. Growing up in an educationally diverse family has taught me that education opens doors. All it takes is a little work to earn it.

The factors that contributed my poor academic performance include but are not limited to: procrastination, disorganization, and a lack of prioritization. Often, throughout the semester, I would put off major assignments until I no longer had any time left to do anything of quality. Another contributor to my performance was my lack of organization. Instead of filing my papers and assignments away neatly, they were left in no particular order or place. The last of my errors involved my lack of prioritization. Many times I chose have fun over completing important assignments. Other times, I chose to go to bed late and in turn over sleep. Recognizing these contributors will help prevent any reoccurrences of my recent performance. I acknowledge that my performance in the last semester was unacceptable. However, I hold it as inaccurate representation of my academic potential. In the next semester, I expect to spend my time more wisely. I will work diligently to earn good grades and attend all of my classes. Plans for changing your academic...
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