protestant reformation

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  • Published : October 9, 2013
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Text Preview Nicholas Vestablished slave trade built a library in the Vatican
patron of the arts
Pope Sixtus IVestablished Sistine Chapel
involved in Pazzi conspiracy
nepotism-favored relatives over merit
Pope Alexander VI Borgiacorrupt pope-sparked Protestant Reformation Pope Julius IIpatron of the arts; patronized Michelangelo in painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling tomb designed by Michelangelo

Pope Leo X Medicisold indulgences to pay for St. Peter's Basilica challenged Martin Luther
Pope Clement VIIrefused to give Henry VIII an annulment with Catherine of Aragon, leading to the Anglican Church Dante AlighieriItalian poet
wrote "Divine Comedy"
exiled from Florence for political reasons
Giovanni Boccacciowrote "The Decameron" in Italian vernacular supporter of Petrarch
Sandro BotticelliFlorentine painter
"Birth of Venus," "Primavera"
Filippo BrunelleschiFlorentine architect
designed duomo of Florence cathedral, chapel of Pazzi family Michelangelosculptor by nature, painted but hated it; incredible realism introvert, hated but thrived on competition
work includes Sistine Chapel ceiling, marble David, and the Pieta studied but criticized da Vinci-equally/more talented
Baldassare CastiglioneItalian writer
"Courtier"-manners, maintaining self control
Benvenuto CelliniFlorentine goldsmith
"Autobiography"-blending artist and artisan
figures of Earth and Sea (opposing forces)
important mannerism artist
Leonardo da Vinciin depth studies of human anatomy-arrested for necromancy introduced sfumato, mastered chiaroscuro, pyramid configuration mysterious backgrounds of painting
famous backward journals; science, architecture, engineering, inventions, practiceetc."renaissance man" Cosimo de Medicihelped found Italian Renaissance
secured peace, patronized artists, established Medici family in Florence; bankers secured government; only people they favored could participate Lorenzo de Medici...
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