Pros and Cons of Plagiarism

Topics: Mail, English-language films, Internet Pages: 1 (438 words) Published: September 13, 2006
There are only a few pros to plagiarism that I can think of. The main one is how easy it is to plagiarize someone else's work. It only takes a few minutes to find something on the internet. I went to Google to look up information on plagiarism and on a site discouraging plagiarism I found a website you could go to to get papers. It's really very convenient. I went to the site,, and all I did was type in a topic and pages and pages of term papers popped up. All I had to do from there was pick the paper I wanted. If you are running behind on a paper this is an easy way to get a paper done on time. Many sites have same day delivery via e-mail and next day delivery should you decide to have it sent through snail mail. The other obvious one is the good grade that you could get if you are not caught.

There are many more cons to plagiarism than there are pros. Getting a paper off the internet is very costly. On the sight I looked at a fourteen page paper it cost $139.90 plus up to $28.95 depending on if you had it sent by e-mail or snail mail. Other sites offer free papers, but then you have to register and pay a monthly fee. Just as it is getting easier to plagiarize, it is getting easier to detect. I also found that at least two other sites had the same paper that I looked at on In fact their whole list was of papers was very similar. All a teacher has to do is take the same steps you did or type in a phrase from your paper. It almost as easy for them as it is for us. If you get caught, depending on school policies and teacher's rules, you could fail the entire class.

Plagiarism is wrong, no matter how easy it is. It's dishonest and downright lazy. I believe that the bad outweighs the good in this case. I sure wouldn't want to fail a whole class just because of one paper. If you didn't have time to finish it, suck it up and turn in what you do have finished. That grade no matter how bad, will...
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