Pros and Cons of Having Cosmetic Surgery

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Pros and cons of having cosmetic surgery

What's Happening Around You Today?? In today's materialistic driven society, people are judged in every possible aspect. From their appearance, background, social status, way of thinking to their friends, families. The way we look plays a big role in our lives. It determines the way others see us and from that, it will then determine how we feel about ourselves. While many people think that the best way to get rid of their blemishes is cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery has certainly got its advantages. First of all, cosmetic surgery reshapes the natural contours of the body, it can improve those areas that the individual finds unattractive. Therefore surgeons can repair people’s faces if they are injured in an accident. Furthermore cosmetic surgery can remove scars or blemishes. In addition beauty can increase a patient’s sense of self-confidence. Many people will find that they feel more comfortable in the company of others after cosmetic surgery. However, having a cosmetic surgery has its disadvantages. The main drawback is that the recovery period from cosmetic surgery can be lengthy for some procedures, lasting up to several months. Many procedures, though relatively safe, have the potential for serious complications that may even be permanent in nature. Also patients have to take time off from work or school and avoid favorite activities such as sports and playing with their kids during the recovery period. What is more Side-effects such as nerve damage, scarring, infection, and chronic pain may result if a surgery does not go smoothly.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that the desired results cannot be guaranteed. The potential exists that the surgery will not produce the “ideal” look the patient was seeking in spite of the surgeon’s best efforts.
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