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  • Published : March 4, 2012
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In 600 B.C, a Hindu surgeon was able to reconstruct a nose using a piece of cheek. 1400 years later, rhnoplasty became a common cosmetic procedure. Because of the development in technologies, and techniques, by the 19th century, anestheisa and antiseptics were commonly used making plastic surgery safer than ever before. In early early years, cosmetic surgery procedures are commonly used between victims of birth defects or victims of automobile accidents. In these modern years, we're seeing a fact that plastic surgeries isn't just used to help improve lives of people suffering from deformity, but rather, to help millions of people pursue their desire to alter a specific physical feature to signal a youthful and healthier image(Donohoe, M.). There are many reasons why people choose to plastic surgeries to permanatly achieve a certain look, and the trend is increasing in popularity. Having said that, let's take a look at what are the contributing factors affecting a trend in cosmetic surgery, namely numbers of plastic surgery procedures performed worldwide.

In a recent article referencing plastic the international trend in plastic surgery, the author believes that there is a a correlation between wealth and number of plastic surgery procedures performed. As wealth increases, people have more discretionary income to use for plastic surgery. Pariticularly, it would be no supprise if a developed country such as United States top the list, and emerging economy such as India, and China where aethetic procedures are on the rise ( Grenley, R.)

The widespread of plastic surgery has gained popularity not only among young woman to want to get surgeries, but also older person who wants to get a more youthful look. According to New York Times, there are many reasons to get plastic surgeries as people age. With the advance of medication, many people are living longer and healthier. For those reasons, people usually want their physiques to align with their psyches (...
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