Proposal/ Methods for Improving Conflict Management

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Methods for improving conflict management
I have reviewed a variety of academic sources in order to gather relevant information for analysis paper 2. My research topic is on methods for improving conflict management. They analysis paper will explore different methods for improving conflict management. The social importance of conflict management and resolution and the role communication plays in managing conflicts constructively makes this topic significant. I am interested in this topic because conflict is unavoidable in a functional society. Thus, it is imperative to learn the best approach to manage it in a positive manner. I found interesting information on conflict management and on conflict resolution. In the next paragraphs I will provide a brief summary of the material that will be used in the analysis paper. Journal articles such as ¨The Role of Taking Conflict Personally in Imagined Interactions about Conflict¨ Hample (2010), examine thoughts and feelings about conflict as well as the relationship between taking conflict personally and imagined interactions about conflicts. In his study, Siira (2010) examines the model of systematic organizational conflict management from an organizational communicative perspective and suggests directions for improvement. In his article, Siira introduces a new framework for strategic conflict management that can help me improve my skills in this area. According to Johnson (2004), there must be effective and continued communication among the involved parties in order for a conflict to be managed constructively. Schultz (1991) focuses on the role of argument and its effect on the escalation or de-escalation of conflict. The article explores conflict resolution on the assumption that ¨bargaining approaches will lead to more desirable results.¨ Srividya (2012) explores the skills needed for successful conflict resolution. Srividya (2012) believes that using a win-win approach, disagreements can be overcome with...
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