Proposal for Automation Home Controlling System

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  • Published: October 22, 2013
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Danang University of Technology

Automation House-Controlling
Le Anh Ton


Automation House-Controlling System
Date: November 1, 2013
To: Mr. Adam Levine, CEO of Smarthome Company
From: Le Anh Ton
Subject: Proposal for Feasibility Study on Automation House-Controlling System

The purpose of my proposal is to request authorization and funding to study automation controlling system of security and appliances in houses by using GSM module, sensors and computing devices.

According to the statistic from the Department of Resources and Environment of Danang City, over 20,000 families live in multi-floor buildings. A survey indicates that 80% of the families are uncomfortable in going to all the room at night to check whether windows are closed, lights are off and monitor what is going on in each room. This poses an opportunity for thief to break into those houses. This problem is more and more critical because 75% house-breaking occur at night Moreover, we waste a lot of money when we are uncontrollable of the resources and devices in your house; that leads to a hard expenditure problem for all people every end of the month. Thus, Automation House-Controlling System is the best solution in this case.

I propose the system that drastically changes over the overall home control system by replacing the typical home security and home appliances control system by half automation system. The next most important objective is to provide a well-defined hardware and software framework to build a complete around this base. I also take care of the properties of easy installation and easy maintenance of the system. Next, I aim to build portable system which can be applied even in ordinary homes and accessed through GSM using smart phone and IR remote.

To perform this research and present a report on our findings, I estimate that we would require 600 hours over the next twelve weeks, for a total cost of $218.17. It is...
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